Friday, August 30, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!

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The mission of West Hills High School is to graduate critical thinkers and problem-solvers who contribute positively to society as productive, responsible citizens.

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Mrs. Robin Ballarin

Welcome students, parents and community partners! We are very excited to begin the 2019-20school year. With over 1700 students, we are proud of our U.S. News and World Reports Silver ranking as one of the "Best High Schools in the United States". Much of that excellence is the focus we have on the most powerful relationship in schools--that between the student, the teacher and the parent. We continue to enroll students daily and are balancing class sizes with the priority on meeting graduation and post-high school goals for each individual student. We appreciate your patience with us as we remind everyone that our bell schedule day is 7:15-2:47 p.m. daily. Students are welcome on campus before and after school and we encourage all students to look at our Fall sports as another healthy and great opportunity to participate in all our high school has to offer. We will also have our annual Club Drive sponsored by ASB in a few weeks and encourage all in the school community to look at our Student Bulletin online. This is read daily at the beginning of Period 3 and is our main communication to students of important information they need to know. Student Clubs are a great way for students to meet at lunch, share common interests or learn about new interests. With faculty or staff volunteer advisers, a full Club list for this year will be published once the Club Drive is completed and registered with ASB. We are excited for all the learning, growth, and achievements 2019-20 will bring. Thank you for your continued support and involvement. PTSA welcomes your involvement and membership. Please reach out to them with any questions. Here's to the start of another terrific year! Go Wolf Pack!

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Thank you to all in our school community this week with our social media issue regarding school safety. Almost nothing in the social media posts were correct except the information posted by WHHS and the GUHSD PIO. There were no guns or weapons of any kind involved, neither at school or in any home. There was no credible threat from a student. There was no report to school staff during the school day. 
We continue to urge students to report to school staff any concerns or comments from a peer or any individual so we can follow up in the moment with confidentiality assured. 
Please know when we can share details with you, we will. In the next two weeks we will be conducting a School Lock Down drill. Safety procedures and measures will be reviewed in each classroom each period. We will also be sending out information via the student and parent portal as well. It is important to us to share enough information with you to inform, but not enough for any one person to use as "insider information" to possibly bring harm to any of us. If we ever have any cause to be concerned for our school community, we would never keep school open with students, faculty and staff attending. We work very closely with our on site deputy and School Resource Officer, Jenae Krull, and with the Santee Sheriff's Department on all matters of individual and school safety. We use social media (Instagram, Twitter) and the parent and student portal to send out information. If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, please contact the Admin office at 619-956-0400 and we will talk with you about those concerns. 

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Please mark your schedules--Wednesday, September 4 is our "Back to School" night where you can visit your students' classrooms and meet their teachers. Classroom visits begin at 6:00 p.m. with optional activities starting at 5:15 p.m. Here is a handout with additional information. Reminders will be sent via the parent portal and to your student via their period 3 class. Looking forward to seeing you on campus!

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Seniors: If you are a member of PTSA, keep an eye on the Counseling Scholarship page. PTSA sponsors scholarships each year for deserving Seniors but you have to be a PTSA member to apply AND you have to complete the application and turn it in. PTSA membership forms are in the main Admin building in reception.

Did you know that if you shop at and choose "whhs PTSA", Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase (at no cost to yourself) to WHHS? is the same exact pricing and website as the traditional Amazon url but it allows you to select a non-profit organization for Amazon to support. 
Please "share" with family and friends and help WHHS!

Connect with the library: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

beginning of each school year,GUHSD students are offered the opportunity to buy optional
Chromebook insurance. Visit the link to learn more. To purchase, just fill out a
Protection Plan Order Form and pay atthe WHHS Finance Office by September 15th.

Got Chromebook questions? - Check out the resources below for Chromebook-related tips.
These may also be found on the WHHS Library website under the Technology menu.

A new addition to the Chromebooks for students is the Students Speaking Out app that 
appears on every students Chromebook after logging in. Part of the San Diego County 
Crime Stoppers initiative, students now have an easy to report option. Please read the link
above for more information. 

Check Your School Destiny Account ( - What is Destiny? Destiny is the
program used to track student checkouts and invoices for Chromebooks, textbooks, library books, and
more. Students may log in anytime using their school email to keep track of their school

community! It’s been a busy few weeks with the start of the school year and now September is here.
Feel free to print out this calendar to follow along. 

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Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Vacancy
The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) reviews the District's bond program including its 
operation, construction, and finances.  The oversight committee, which is required per the provisions
of the voter-approved Proposition U and Measure BB ballot language, includes parents/guardians, 
members of the community, professionals, and retired individuals.
For additional information and to find out how you can become a member click here.  

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Please check out our ATTENDANCE policies linked in our STUDENT HANDBOOK online at under "Students". Please remember to CALL in 956-0434 all day absences, and send a note for partial day absences. We are sorry, but we are not able to deliver to classrooms forgotten items--if a student knows to come to attendance to come pick up their items, they are welcome to do so without MISSING class. 

Please remember to UPDATE your home address or phone number with the West Hills office staff if you move or you have changes.This is critical if your student has an emergency and we need to reach you. Simply call 956-0400 and tell us you need to update your information. The PRIMARY parent or guardian listed in our parent portal can also do this online via their login. 

Image result for school nurse A  friendly reminder from our school nurse,Mrs. Lori Farra...please drop off  any medications that your student needs during the school day in the Nurses' office. Students are not allowed to carry medications of any kind unless cleared with her and Administration. This includes over the counter medications of ALL kinds. At no time may students "share" medications with other students. 
We thank the parents and students who have already done so for this school year. 

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Mr. Goodman's Art Students "Towering Above" the first week of school 

Mr. Van Dykes' Students are spreading positive thoughts around campus...

From the world of Science....

Mrs. Addy, Mrs. Lines, and Mrs. Miller's chemistry students engaged in their first formal lab of the year last week, testing the properties of five common household solids. Mrs. Addy's students are pictured observing pH levels and conductivity, learning that chemistry is everywhere!

Go Wolf Pack! 

The "Wolf Call" is a monthly news blog for students, parents and community partners.