Sunday, February 5, 2017

Second Semester is off to a good start! Congratulations to our extensive Honor Roll and Alpha Plus students!

Welcome to February!

Dates to keep in mind....

Wednesday February 8, starting at 5:30 p.m.: Freshman Showcase for all incoming 9th graders and their families and for anyone interested in joining the Wolf Pack.

Friday, February 10: Boys Soccer vs. Granite Hills at Qualcomm Stadium at 8 p.m.; Tickets are $10 in Finance

Monday, February 13: No School--Lincoln's Day

Monday, February 20: No School--Washington's Day

Image result for Honor roll Congratulations to all of our students who successfully completed first semester. How do we define "success"? For graduation, all students must earn a "D" or better in all courses, or make up any credits not earned due to an "F"grade or "incomplete". However, the majority of our Wolf Pack Scholars do extremely well and we have an OUTSTANDING list of semester one Honor Roll Students! These dedicated students have earned a minimum of a 3.5 GPA and deserve our KUDOS and their parents and guardians do too! It takes an entire community of dedicated support to assist our students achieve what they do so THANK YOU and let the Honor Roll begin! Click here to see our complete list in alphabetical order. We are PROUD of our Honor Roll Students!

Image result for Alpha plus continue to brag, how about our Alpha Plus students from semester 1? 
In an attempt to honor students in all classes, the Alpha + Club was formed. Over and above the traditional Honor Roll GPA,  the Alpha + Club recognizes students in each class, each semester. Every class can participate. The club is not limited to a “select few” but to a “select many.” The criterion for selection varies somewhat from teacher to teacher although the basic blueprint is in place. The key criteria include scholarship, attitude, conduct, improvement, effort, and intellectual curiosity. A teacher’s choice in one class may reward a student for his/her attitude and conduct or even his/her great improvement in these areas. The club’s purpose is simply to recognize outstanding student learners by giving them something worthy of their selection.

Each member of the Alpha + Club receives a club membership card and a pin. Students who earn 5 or more Alpha + Club recognitions wear a handsome stole at graduation. Our pins are currently on order and as soon as we receive them, they will be in student hands. Please click here to see our complete list in  alphabetical order.  We are PROUD of our Alpha Plus students!

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Parents and Guardians: We need your help in completing the PARENT and GUARDIAN portion of our California Healthy Kids Survey. 

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) has a parent survey that will provide us with valuable information about our school climate and culture which impacts our school accreditation coming up next year. We need your honest feedback to best serve you and our students. The survey is completely anonymous, and the responses received, combined with student and staff responses, will be so helpful for this process.

The survey can be found HERE.  The passcode is: PP33VY

Thanks again for your time and commitment to West Hills!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Assistant Principal April Baker at or 

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Freshman Showcase
Wednesday, February 8 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Calling all students interested in the Wolf Pack! 
We are open to all students, particularly those outside of the Grossmont District...invite your friends, neighbors and colleagues to come visit us! All grades are open for the 2017-18 school year.
Can't be here? Check out the resources on this page for more information.

News from some of the classrooms on campus....

AP German student, James Ferraro, and 3rd year honors students Dustin Russ and Clarissa Rossman took the reins from Frau Dukas in German class in January.   James masterfully prepared and taught a humorous historical anecdote in German to the 3rd year class, while Dustin and Clarissa shared their vast experience and knowledge in the well-known language learning application, DuoLingo for German to instruct both of Frau Dukas' first year classes .  They even set up and taught Frau Dukas how to incorporate assignments and monitor her classes' achievements and progress in the application.  All three "student teachers" were professional and articulate, and the student audiences showed a special kind of respect to their peer teachers.

Dustin Russ and Clarissa Rossman get ready to teach peers in German.

James Ferraro instructing his peers on finer points of German. 

Mrs. Addy's college prep chemistry classes performing the "Moles of Iron and Copper Lab". Students demonstrated excellent lab skills while performing a single replacement reaction and made copper metal from iron shavings and copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate.

Students in our CTE Digital Arts Pathway apply visual techniques in our Photo Studio. 

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Coming soon....WHHS will have Five MAJOR construction projects!

Thank you to our community for your patience with us as we undergo some major construction. 

Project #1: Football and Track Field and Stadium Closed: April 3-29, 2017: Our entire football  field will be replaced under warranty. Due to the extensive nature of this work, there will be NO ACCESS to any part of the track and field of any kind for anyone other than the installation crew.

Project #2: Beginning during Spring Break, our HOME ECONOMICS building will be CLOSED and remodeling begins to build an ADA compliant student restroom and additional specific facilities for students with moderate to severe disabilities. The entire facility will be fenced and the DG lot at the back of the school will be the construction staging areas.  

Project #3: Solar power installation / covered parking in the faculty and East Senior Parking Lot beginning at 1:00 June 8 (yes...the day of graduation): Both entrances and exits to these lots will be closed and no access will be available throughout the summer. This is expected to be ready for the start of school August 15. 

Project #4: Summer School will be centralized in the Social Science building and Admin offices will move to the Library so every building can get heating and air conditioning units replaced under Prop U and Measure BB.

Project #5: The GYM will be CLOSED July 3-28, 2017 so the entire gym floor can be sanded down to bare wood and resurfaced. This is done once every 10 years to maintain the playing surface.

Thank you to all who support our schools through our Prop U and Measure BB funding.

College and Career Readiness begins as early as we can....

​9th and 10th grade West Hills students along with Counselors Jamie Bean and Rodd Moses and Interventions Teacher Tanya Morrison went on a field trip to San Diego State University in December.  The students were able to tour the campus and have their questions answered by current SDSU students.  We hope to continue offering field trips to post-secondary institutions to broaden their interests and motivate students to plan for their futures. 

Image result for Counseling Corner
Course "Wish List" Process for current 9th, 10th and 11th graders...each year in February and March our dedicated Counselors go into classrooms to explain academic planning for the next school year. Presentations are made in classrooms and students come home with "Wish Lists" to be completed by both the student and the parent. Please look for these "Wish Lists" for current 11th graders the week of 2/11, for current 10th graders the week of 2/24 and for current 9th graders 3/17. Incoming 9th graders are getting their "Wish Lists" from our Counselors as they go out to our middle schools and present this week and next. Please read, complete, and sign the forms, following the directions given to students on how and when to return them. 

Please remember to CALL 956-0434 for all day student absences, and send a note for partial day absences. Students MUST check out  through the Attendance office PRIOR to leaving campus. We CANNOT accept "after the fact" parental phone calls to clear absences for partial day absences. We know texting is convenient but the California does not allow us to excuse these "unexcused" absences after the student has left. 

Image result for school attendance

Please check out our ATTENDANCE policies linked in our STUDENT HANDBOOK online at under "Students". Please remember to CALL in 956-0434 all day absences, and send a note for partial day absences. We are sorry, but we are not able to deliver to classrooms forgotten items--if a student knows to come to attendance to come pick up their items, they are welcome to do so without MISSING class. 

Please remember to UPDATE your home address or phone number with the West Hills office staff if you move or you have changes.This is critical if your student has an emergency and we need to reach you. Simply call 956-0400 and tell us you need to update your information. The PRIMARY parent or guardian listed in our parent portal can also do this online via their login. 

Image result for caaspp  Each year in California schools, students take required tests to monitor student progress and to provide important data on how schools are doing. West Hills will once again be testing students in a variety of subjects later this spring. Specific information and schedules will be printed and given to each student in their Period 3 course in March. New this year SENIORS will be testing in Science. More to come on this important requirement.

Image result for San Diego Sheriffs

Sante Sheriff is hosting another "Coffee with the Community" --All are welcome

·         Where: Santee Library
·         Address: 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd #17
·         Date: Tuesday, February 7th
·         Time: 6pm - 7pm

Image result for remind app logo Join the free resource for information if WHHS has urgent information for you regarding an EMERGENCY or for a timely TRAFFIC update. Text @bf6c9d to 81010 from your cell phone to join. This is a "one way" messenger only and you control if you want to continue receiving the texts or not. 

Image result for PTSA  Image result for west hills high school logo
PARENT and COMMUNITY SUPPORT: A huge THANK YOU to all parents, grandparents, guardians, and wonderful West Hills Wolf Pack families for all of your support through the years. We have two wonderful organizations that work TIRELESSLY on behalf of our school and our current students: PTSA and the West Hills High School Foundation. PTSA focuses on the current school year and the current students. The Foundation reaches out to Alumni and current parents to support school wide needs and activities. We hope you will JOIN them and continue the great tradition of exemplary parent and community involvement in our school! 

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Thank you for supporting our West Hills Teachers and Staff!

**Reminder:  Please Bring Supplies Next Week**

Feb 16th & 17th ~ 6:30 am - 8:30am ~ Flag Circle & Staff Parking Lot

What do they need? Please see the list below....

Can I give cash? YES!  We welcome cash, checks, gift cards, and Pay Pal.
For more details and to donate by Pay Pal please visit: (supply day)

DO YOU HAVE TIME OR TALENTS TO SHARE?  If you can help with this or other PTSA-sponsored events, please get in touch! Contact: (

2017 List of Requested Supplies…

Colored Markers, Sharpies, Hi-Liters (thick and thin, all colors)

Dry-Erase Markers, Colored Pencils, #2 Pencils, Post it notes

Paper Towels, Kleenex, Counter Wipes, 8oz Hand Sanitizer

Copy Paper: White, all pastels, NEON, and Card stock

Spiral Notebooks, Glue Sticks, Large Scissors, Large Staplers

Regular Pens (Black, Blue, Red), File Folders, Lined Paper (College)

1” Binders, Black or Blue

“Wish List” items include:

Scientific Calculators ($9 at Walmart)

Hand-weights*, Paper Shredder*, Paper Cutter*,  Ink Cartridges for HP Laser Jet Pro, Tea Cups & Saucers for Photo*, White Board erasers, Painters Tape, AAA Batteries, Band-Aids, Ball Pump with Needle, ‘Squishy” Stress Balls for ADHD students
* *Gently used OK

Go Wolf Pack!